Me, Myself, I (and crutches)

Hi, my name is Arwen, and I’m a food blogger and photographer. Yes, my name really is Arwen; it’s on my birth certificate and all.  In non-internet life I’m a nutritionist and naturopath, as well as an art photographer. I’m also currently a university student – I’ve gone back to school to do a Masters in Public Health. I’ve written several articles and guidebooks, from a medical literature review for the Journal of Complementary Medicine, to computer guides and how-to books. I get around!

I’m also disabled, not that that changes my writing much – I get around on crutches and the occasional wheelchair, thanks to a combo of birth defects, nerve damage, and degenerative arthritis in my ankles and feet. Yes, I’m a degenerate!

Although I’m a photographer, I loathe photographs of myself (don’t we all?). So about the only one you’ll see of me is this fabulous author-pic taken by the very talented Xole.

I’ve worked in complementary medicine for about ten years now, from running my own practice to doing vitamin formulations for a major Australian supplement company. I’m currently job hunting, so if you need a talented health professional, let me know!

I also have a thing about tea.